Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

At Merton Living we have strong infection control procedures and systems, so it is with regret that we have cancelled some of our activities that we believe carry a higher risk of exposing our consumers to coronavirus and other flu viruses.  We don't make this decision lightly and resisted as long as we felt comfortable, however, the heightened alerts over the weekend, which has also heightened our consumers anxiety, we felt we must take additional precautions now.  Unfortunately our intergenerational partnerships are now on hold until further notice.  We have also cancelled our community bus trip to Lake Macquarie later this month.  This will be rescheduled for November.  We have also cancelled other activities to minimise external visitors to our facilities.  We are not yet in full lockdown, so family may visit loved ones, only if they are well and haven't been exposed to any type of contagious illness.  Please wash your hands before and after visiting - we have hand sanitiser at our front entrance to Merton Court.

We plan to increase our in-house activities and set up skype to help keep our residents in contact with family and friends.  Thank you for your support and understanding.
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