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You can be asked to pay a fee for a Home Care Package.

On entering a Home Care Package you will be asked to fill out a financial form. This is required so we can determine what fee amount  we have to charge.

For older people on the maximum rate of pension, fees must not exceed 17.5% of your pension.

People on higher incomes may be asked to pay additional fees. An Aged Care Fees Income Assessment must be completed and sent to the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) or the Department of Veterans' Affairs.  You should lodge this form before you commence care (if possible) to make sure that your income for aged care fees purposes can be calculated as quickly as possible.  If you commence your care without having an income assessment, you could be asked to pay the maximum aged care fees applicable.  More information on how your fees are calculated can be found on the My Aged Care website and check out the Home Care fee estimator.

The fees which you pay for your Package will increase twice over twelve months being adjusted in line with pensions.

Self supported care or private brokerage fee's currently charge at $40 per hour for support staff. This could be a cheaper option for self-funded retirees.

We have now introduced a special rate exclusive to Merton Village residents.  Eligible residents only pay $15 for one hour of service per week!



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