Anyone wishing to enter Merton Court Hostel must have been assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team as requiring care and have completed a the Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment form from Centrelink.  All referrals for an ACAT assessment in the community or in residential care are made through My Aged Care.  Access the My Aged Care website, locate and click on the contact us link and complete the web based make a referral form or phone the My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422 FREE call.

Preference will be given, when vacancies arise, to residents of Denman or district or to relatives of residents of Denman or district.

Merton Court Hostel will assist anyone regardless of their financial circumstances.

The Hostel maintains a commitment to 40% of places for supported residents.

A low means resident is a full or part pensioner who has not owned their own home within the past two years and has assets less than a certain amount (currently $50,500 but this figure increases regularly).

These residents may be unable to pay a refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) however Merton Court will receive additional government assistance for these residents.




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