Merton Living Limited manages Merton Court Hostel on behalf of the community of Denman.

The Association, a non-profit organisation, was formed at a public meeting in December 1974, with the aim of providing residential care for elderly residents of the local community.

The development of the Association and the subsequent building of Merton Court Hostel were the result of the initiative of the Denman Rotary Club, supported by the Denman Apex Club, other community groups and the residents of Denman.

Merton Court Hostel was opened in 1982 as a 14 bed hostel with 9 resident rooms. Money to build the Hostel was obtained from public fund raising, a Commonwealth grant and assistance from Muswellbrook Shire Council.

In 1997 the Rose Wing was added to the Hostel. This increased the capacity of the Hostel by a further four rooms and allowed all residents to have a room of their own. It also provided facilities in which to care for residents with dementia.

In 1997 the Hostel increased it’s bed numbers to 17 and also achieved approval to provide 5 Community Aged Care Packages in 2000.

In 2007 a further 2 rooms were added taking room number to 17 enabling each resident their own room.

Tied to the history of Merton Court Hostel have been the activities of the Ladies Auxiliary who have raised extra funds for the Hostel and have been invaluable in assisting staff with resident activities.

In September 2016, Denman & District Retirement Centre Association Incorporated became Merton Living Limited, a company limited by guarantee.

The community of Denman has always supported the Association and now a company, Merton Living in turn has a commitment to ensuring that it supports the local community through buying locally and employing local people where possible.




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