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The Incoming Contribution into a unit is based on the current market value of the unit at the time it is offered.  Most recent Contribution for a 2 b/r unit was $209,000. Unlike normal home unit purchases the Incoming Contribution to Merton Village units is free of Solicitor’s costs and stamp duty however you are entitled to have a solicitor look at the contract which would be at your expense. We encourage you to seek legal and financial advice before entering into a contract.  A charge of $50 for our contract applies.

Village Fortnightly Recurrent Charges

The formula is:

  • For a single resident the recurrent charge is calculated as 22.5% of the maximum single pension
  • For partners in residence the recurrent charges are calculated as 28.125% of a maximum single pension
  • Any content insurance that you may wish to take out
  • Telephone
  • Electricity
  • Normal household expenses

Merton Village Administration’s Financial Responsibilities:

  • Rates
  • Water rates
  • Building insurance
  • Building Maintenance Inside and Out
  • Grounds maintenance but not maintenance of each unit’s private rear garden 


Securing a Unit

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    Fixtures, Fittings, Furnishings and Non-Fixed Items

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