Stage 5 Plans

The Turtle Street site is now home to 14 units with just six more to complete!  Work has commenced on the two units at lock up stage, so they should be ready to move into by April and we are building two more units which should be completed by June.  It is not too late to claim one of these units.  Be quick to pay your deposit and you will be able to personalise your unit with a choice in floor covering and colour scheme.

Our newest village community are enjoying each others company and friendship, utilising the 'Men's Shed' and the community hall for numerous gatherings.  Some of these include morning tea, happy hour and an exercise/mobility class to help maintain their independence.

Check out the plans below and contact us if you think you would like to live in our community.  We will happily provide you with more information and give you the grand tour.

Reference Documents

Community Hall Plan Community Hall Plan (68 KB)

Floor Plans - Units 1,2,19,20 Floor Plans - Units 1,2,19,20 (96 KB)

Floor Plans - Units 3-8, 13-18 Floor Plans - Units 3-8, 13-18 (96 KB)

Floor Plans - Units 9-12 Floor Plans - Units 9-12 (85 KB)

Merton Village Waiting List Application Merton Village Waiting List Application (173 KB)

Shed Floor Plan Shed Floor Plan (26 KB)

Village Stage 5 Plans Village Stage 5 Plans (69 KB)


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