The Board of Management and Staff advocate that residents be involved with, and make, as many decisions as possible with relation to their own care and welfare. The implementation of this policy assists residents to feel a sense of control over their lives.


Residents Rights

It is a resident’s right to a dignified death and not be submitted to life prolonging interventions should this be contrary to their wishes.

Palliative Care

A palliative care team is available for counselling, and individual care, to those with a terminal illness. Should it be required, the Care Supervisor can make the necessary arrangements for visitations of the care team. Very ill and dying residents shall be cared for in the privacy of their own unit.


All discussions between staff and residents and/or their relatives about personal matters shall be conducted in absolute privacy.

Personal Care

In providing personal care staff shall at all times be cognizant of the requirements to maintain the resident's level of dignity and privacy.

Personal Property

Staff shall ensure a resident's private property is not taken, lent, given to other people, or used in any way, without the express permission and approval of the owner.

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